Ariana Grande Suing Forever 21 Over Look-Alike Model

Have you ever wanted Ariana Grande to sell your tacky-ass clothes only to find out that she expects to be paid the kind of money a celebrity would expect for an endorsement? We’ve all been there. And we’ve all had the idea that maybe we should just hire an Ariana Grande look-alike or Demi Lovato for a fraction of the price. But it turns out this isn’t the genius idea it seems to be.

Just ask Forever 21, who are currently being sued by Grande for, well, hiring an Ariana Grande impersonator for an ad campaign after the real Grande shot them down.

Via People:

In a complaint obtained by PEOPLE, Grande, 26, alleges that after she declined to participate in an endorsement deal in early 2019, Forever 21 and its sister brand, Riley Rose, used her “name, likeness and other intellectual property to promote their brands for free.” Grande turned down the deal because, according to the complaint, the compensation offered by Forever 21 for proposed social media marketing was “insufficient for an artist of her nature.”

It’s amazing that someone who dated Pete Davidson would have enough self-respect to turn down an ad campaign.

In addition to hiring a model who resembles Grande and wore her hair in the same double buns style that the singer did in the “7 Rings” music video, Forever 21 allegedly also displayed “7 Rings” audio and video in the background of its posts, used lyrics from the song in the caption and included photographs of Grande without her authorization. The number seven logo shown in the pop star’s music video also appeared in some campaign images posted on Forever 21’s Instagram feed.

I mean, why let a little a little thing like intellectual property laws come between you and the really good idea your PR department had.

I just want to know if the impersonator had a charcoal grill tattoo.

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