Ariana Grande’s New Japanese Tattoo Showcases Her Love of Charcoal Grills

Other than tribal tattoos from a tribe you’re not a member of, foreign language tattoos are the tackiest kind of tattoo you can get. Why on Earth are you getting a tattoo you can’t even read? I mean, you have to be somewhat unstable to date Pete Davidson, so maybe it’s just that?

I guess what I’m trying to say is Ariana Grande got a Japanese tattoo that she clearly doesn’t know the meaning of. It reads “baka gaisho.” Okay, it doesn’t, but that’s a fun joke for you to figure out with Google Translate. It actually looks like this picture she put on her Japanese Twitter account.

Twitter’s built-in translation tool says that says something like this:

[from Instagram] Ariana also added Japanese tattoo! This time, “seven-wheeled” in Kanji, “Everybody thinks this is not my hand, but it really is my hand”  “Seven rings” for short “seven-wheeled” or like #アリアナ a very favorite

The problem is her tattoo, which, keep in mind is a tattoo and so is on her body forever, it doesn’t say “seven rings” or “seven-wheeled.” Yes, 七 is seven and 輪 is wheel or ring; but Japanese is fucking complicated and 七輪 is “shichirin,” a small charcoal grill. The thing she wanted to have tattooed was 七つの指輪.

Fans of My Hero Academia, the popular anime and manga series, will be familiar with this concept. The hero’s name is Izuku 出久, but using the characters デク, which should theoretically be the same, the name becomes Deku, which is a useless person, you know, the sort of person who gets “charcoal grill” tattooed on their hand.

The super hilarious part is that in the video for her song “7 Rings” she actually got it right. Tattoos in foreign languages never work out. Remember that girl who asked someone to translate her tattoo into Chinese and she ended up with a Jeremy Lin tattoo?

Still, it’s not the worst tattoo a celebrity has ever gotten. That honor goes to Ariana’s ex Pete Davidson, who got tattoos of Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and the phrase “I like to f**k old ladies.”

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