Amber Heard Insists Johnny Depp Is Fat, Fat, Fat

Amber Heard’s whole schtick of labeling herself as a feminist icon and a voice for abused women really backfired after it came out that she’s been accused of domestic abuse by multiple former partners, didn’t it? I mean, yikes.

The latest thing going around is a transcript of Amber Heard body-shaming Depp, a super feminist thing to do.

Amber Heard bodyshaming Johnny Depp:

Tara Roberts witnessed Amber Heard scream at Johnny Depp: ”Your career is over, no one’s going to hire you, you’re washed up, fat, you’ll die a lonely man.”

Man, you hate to see it.

Public opinion is really turning against Heard and towards Depp, though. Just take a look at these replies.

This one makes a good point, Depp was never fat. That sounds like, hypothetically, the kind of thing someone might say if that person was emotionally abusive.

One thing I’ve learned as this story unfolds is that people are really mad at Amber Heard. A lot of people have loved Johnny Depp for over 30 years, only to find he was a terrible person (albeit with a huge penis) and to attack and shun him and then to find that he isn’t a terrible person and those rumors were just adding to the abuse he was suffering through silently. I can understand why people are so upset.

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4 years ago

Thank you for reporting this. The media won’t do it because hemm, @believeallwomen does not believe men are abused.

4 years ago

thank you for posting this! amber heard is a serial abuser. Johnny Depp and Tasya, her ex partner are two victims of amber’s fists. more of her victims are currently being interviewed. amber’s abuse on JD includes hitting, punching, whipping mineral spirits can at JD’s nose, whipping a heavy bottle at his hand as it rested on the marble countertop…causing a severed finger and shattered bones. amber has spit on JD and s**t on his bed. there is more, but i can’t recall right now. look online for court documents @ fairfax county virginia
#JusticeForJohnnyDepp ⚖

Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn
4 years ago

WEll said, all of that. Thank you for writing this!!!!!