Elon Musk Is on the Coronavirus Case, so We’re About to Be as Safe as the Drinking Water in Flint

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If you’re a virologist, be prepared to get called a pedophile by a rich white guy from South Africa.

Elon Musk, the world’s dumbest “genius”, is setting out to cure the Coronavirus with the same sort of leadership and intelligence he used to fix the drinking water in Flint and rescue those kids from that cave.

Musk recently tweeted that Tesla would make ventilators if there was a shortage, which there already is.

A ton of people pointed this shortage out, and Elon chose to respond to Nate Silver of 538.

All of them, Elon. You said they can’t be produced instantly, right? Fucking start, but the time the hospitals are saying they need more, it’s too late.

But he did get a government contract so ventilators accomplished.

This guy is like Lex Luthor, except Lex Luthor is smart.

He keeps playing down the seriousness of this virus by pointing to numbers looking better.

The problem here is that it doesn’t take into account that the way this disease was brought under control was basically locking down entire countries for months.

But I’m not sure it went so well because right after this exchange Tesla announced its factories were shutting down. If I live to be a thousand years old I will never understand why people worship this guy. He invested in a few things that made a lot of money and almost everyone acts like he’s some genius inventor.

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