Surprise, Surprise, Elon Musk Allegedly Has Yet To Deliver a Single Ventilator

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Elon Musk likes to make big pronouncements about how he’s the big hero who is going to save the day with his engineering brilliance and vast resources. I’m pretty sure that, to this day, he’s never actually solved anything. They didn’t use his metal coffin to save those kids in the cave, you still can’t drink the water in Flint, we haven’t gone to Mars and Teslas still kind of suck in a general way.

The latest thing Elon hasn’t solved is the potential ventilator shortage being caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, the Sacramento Bee reports that Elon has yet to deliver a single respirator to a California hospital.

Newsom’s office now says Musk was supposed to deliver the ventilators directly to hospitals. So far, however, the governor’s office says no California hospital has received them.

So yeah, there’s the big hero genius. Remember when Elon played himself in that Marvel movie and Iron Man was like “hey, you’re even smarter and better at inventing than me?” but in reality Elon is more like Lex Luthor if Lex Luthor had some sort of acute brain damage.
Also worth pointing out: Elon Musk might not actually have any respirators. He sent New York a bunch of discount sleep apnea machines that are absolutely not the kinds of ventilators COVID patients need and called it a day there, eventually delivering one actual ventilator.
I swear Elon is history’s dumbest genius. I do not understand the fascination with this guy. His only actually accomplishment is making everyone hate Grimes.
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2 years ago

Hey, Eric, Musk just posted the list of hospitals that have received respirators with the specs requested. Do you feel like you might apologize?


Herbert VPN Hoover
Herbert VPN Hoover
2 years ago

He has placed hundreds ya need to get correct

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