Lori Loughlin Gets Two Months in Prison For Putting Wrong Name on Bribe

Full House

There’s an important lesson to be learned from Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman going to an actual prison in the college bribery scandal they were involved in; always make sure your bribe is made out to the right person.

You see, you’re allowed to bribe a college to admit your child. In fact, colleges encourage it, which is why they give special consideration to legacy admissions and constantly hit alumni up for donations.

Some may tell you that these large donations to the universities that their children go on to attend are different because they’re about improving education or giving back to the school but you paid to go to college, it’s a business transaction, no one donates an oven to Pizza Hut to give back for all the lunches they had there, but I can assure you if you go to any university in the United States and look at the name of the library an idiot with the same name graduated from there at some point shortly after it was named.

Felicity Huffman did 14 days in the joint for her scam, and we just learned Loughlin will serve two months while her husband Massimo Giannulli will serve five.

Some people think that’s too short, and have pointed out that a poor black woman got five years in jail for sending her son to the wrong school district.

I say it’s too harsh. If you support capitalism (and I absolutely do not), then why shouldn’t rich people be allowed to buy their kids’ way into college? It’s not fair all of a sudden? That’s supply and demand. People have wanted someone to run government like a business for forty years now, and that’s how businesses run. Why shouldn’t the people willing to pay the most be the ones get into the colleges they want or be the only people to have health care or breathable air?

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