Hayley Williams is Not Taking Bullshit From the Guy She Kicked Out of Paramore

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Hayley Williams is quite the trendsetter. You may be thinking I’m talking about her band but I’m not, that’s basically just a worse version of Throwing Muses. No, Hayley was the first celebrity to accidentally post a naked picture of herself to social media, something that’s been all the rage lately.

Hayley was back on social media but instead of a boobies picture she was letting everyone know why she kicked founding member of Paramore and her ex-boyfriend Josh Farro out of the band a decade ago.

That’s actually really sweet. For context, Farro made a post on Facebook comparing pedophilia to homosexuality.

Having religious, conservative, Qanon type rock stars is pretty weird. Alice Cooper and Johnny Rotten had the decency to keep that s**t under wraps until they were over the hill and no one cared about them anymore anyway.

Farro’s brother, who left and later rejoined Paramore, also put out a statement condemning his brother.

That Zoom Thanksgiving dinner is going to be super awkward this year.

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