Kim Kardashian’s 40th Birthday Was an Absolute Disaster

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All Kim Kardashian wanted to do was have a nice, quiet, humble birthday party on a remote private island with all her friends and family in the middle of a deadly pandemic. What could possibly go wrong?

Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West and they have four kids together, so she’s clearly not a great critical thinker. Those were the skills that were on display when she tweeted about her birthday bash Tuesday night.

A lot of people like the Kardashian’s built their brands as influencers by basically presenting themselves as the gentry; they’re rich and they flash their cash around and show off all the luxury brand-name goods they own or are pretending to own.

As it turns out, that branding isn’t very popular when people are not only stuck inside but in a lot of cases potentially losing their livelihood or even their homes because a pandemic has shut everything down and the government has offered virtually no assistance for most of the country despite giving millions of dollars to idiot billionaires. So seeing said billionaires jet off to a private island like Prince Prospero is just a slap in the face now.

Kim’s tone-deaf post quickly became a meme.

If you don’t know what movie that is, it’s called Battle Royale and it is an incredibly chilling Japanese film that’s sort of like if The Hunger Games was actually good. You should watch it.

Kim’s troubles didn’t end there, as people pointed out one of the pictures she uploaded really looks photoshopped.

Where does her arm go? I suppose she could have it turned up at the elbow and it’s just behind Khloe’s arm and back but it’s a pretty tight shot that you can’t see any of it or like, her hand on her sister’s shoulder.

People seem to be a little tired of the Kardashians. It turns out rich idiots are only amusing to a point and then you’re just ready to roll out the guillotine.

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