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Edison Chen / Gillian Chung sex scandal

By on January 30, 2008

Edison Chen

Update: Apparently, this is huge news in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan because these people are major stars there. Earlier, the foreign papers reported these as fake, even showing how they could be photoshopped, but after all these new pictures came out, they’ve relented somewhat.

My knowledge of celebrity doesn’t extend too far beyond English speaking countries, so I don’t know much about it. Just that, now, more pictures have come out of these girls and include one more girl, Cecilia Cheung and… CHRIST ALMIGHTY, IS THAT THING ALIVE DOWN THERE? Kill it! Kill it!

Trivia: Edison was in Infernal Affairs which was subsequently remade by Martin Scorsese into The Departed.

stars in the Grudge 2 and possibly The Dark Knight and will be in the upcoming Hayden Christensen movie Jumper. And he’s also in these nude photos with two girls that go by the names (vaj shot) and (??). I figure some of you know who they are. I have no idea. I just want to say to the ladies letting their partners take pictures of them in a state of undress, please, for the love of god, wax or at the very least trim. Every time I see these sex scandal pictures I always feel like I need a safari hat and machete just to make it through all of them. By the way, the pictures are NSFW. A lot more after the jump.

Updates will appear on the main page from now on. Go here for that.

Every picture so far: here.

Bobo Chan’s: [M | R]

Untagged: Gillian, Cecilie & Vincy: [Mega | Rapid | Zshare]


Edison Chen announces he is quitting Hong Kong showbiz.


Edison Chen has delayed his return to Hong Kong.

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  • mao

    lolz. Any other follow up news on this? I’m pretty certain these pics are real. How are their PR reps for the girls handling this? They’ve been sticking to their “innocent and pure” branding. This should be interesting.

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    They’re claiming fake, but there’s a whole set of pictures out there. Just not in HQ yet.

    • Ace Ven_tura

      Do you still have the pic?
      can i ask :p

  • noname

    Oh maan, so hairy, I guess in that way they are “innocent”. I remember being in China and seeing all this armpit hair everywhere, I guess waxing isn’t popular over there. What kind of name is Bobo?

  • Woolala

    i wan more nude pics!!

  • BIBI



  • e

    i live in hk, and i can vouch that this is hot shit…
    it’s everywhere in the papers, but everyone is crying about it and saying how it’s fake. the celebs have already given it to the cops and they’re trying to solve the case…but uploading it and such is completing illegal in hk…so thx for the share…haha

  • http://mmmmmmmmmmm Michael

    I v found those pictures for so long time, thank you very much!!!
    But I heard that there has some videoes about this, is that ture?
    Can someone upload those videoes???

  • passerby

    last time i love edison… this is disapointing… cant imagine he do this

  • http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/200802/01/P200801310307.htm wien

    ok guys…its OVER! the man who published this pics is already caught. lets see the news tomorrow.

  • will to the chizzle

    lol these pics just show how horny girls are! enough to let you shoot pics! lmao seriously tho…just because they’re stars it don’t mean they’re immune to naughty things, come on now, im sure a few of you have had pics taken for your boy and girl and its totally for you, UNLESS its a publicity stunt (which could end their careers) but lets be honest, sex is natural, edison is a prick but nonetheless, how unfortunate of me to say it…he’s human (a human prick) im glad mines bigger than his! but yeah, y’all peoples takin it too seriously, get over it chinks! (ps im chinese..british born). DEAL WITH IT

  • Bunnypaw

    Edison really a”DICK”

  • Joe Cool

    Yeah right … ever tried _waxing_ your armpits or private parts? LOOOOL … pls. make a video when you try to do so :D … sounds like you’re from the US :).

  • KillerLEE

    hey where u find these pics from?
    any uncensored ones?

  • http://www.cyworld.com/sun1997 seon hye

    OH! That’s Hot!!

    Thank You So Much!!

    U give me answers!

    Thank you!

    Enjoy watching these photos!

  • musicstone

    FYI, Bobo is Edison ex-girlfriend a few years ago, she is a singer and actress at that time. Bobo have faded out from HK showbiz and prepare to get marriage soon..but this photo may ruined everythings!

    Gillian Chung, member of the two girls group “Twins”, very very popular in HK Taiwan and China and having a lot of advertisement deal…so you can imagine the damage that can done to her!!

    These photos, as some magazines in HK said, waS captured from video!

  • jumper

    Wow! can get so many babes to strip for him. You cant deny Edison is good in this aspect. Mayb ABC looks are popular among the HK celeb circle.

  • yeung

    thank you for sharing!! pls upload the new photos!! it’s very difficult to get these pictures!

  • LioNNuTz

    its a forest down there.. they need to advocate grooming over in asia.

  • sayingSADwithAgrin

    Totally agree…nobody in HK will ever work with him…azzhole

  • Joey

    I can’t believe people do believe this crap. I don’t think it real. The picture must had been fixed. No way the girls would do it.

  • to.ca

    omg even more pics omg!

    Is there a version where that last pic of Cecilia is uncensored?

    omg this is big news.

    Thanks for the upload.

    Edison is a dick! & I hate Twins even more now!

    • Jhon_skw

      i want it too

  • theraj

    wow scandalous!!! digitally altered?? yeah right, those pics look like the real deal 2 me!! thnks 4 postin the pics!! more of bobo would be a nice, she’s fit…. and btw, edison rocks!! what a stud!

  • mao

    How can it NOT be real? Look at it. Besides, who cares? They’re HK celebs, jeezus. That’s already B-grade compared to Taiwan celebs. Twin’s suck at singing and acting, Bobo is a hasbeen, and Cecilia is just mediocre. Edison is a playboy, everyone knows that.

  • Lisa

    Taiwan actors can’t act for shit compared to HK actors. I’ll give ‘em the music side, but Taiwan sucks in cinema.

  • st

    I hope there are video version of it lol

  • jiji

    i love gillian even more lol !!! from another angel

  • theraj

    seems a few people do care mao, i mean if people didnt then it wouldnt b one of the hottest peices of celeb news out there at the moment, plus its drawn over 20 replies on this post alone….kinda suggests people care

  • http://sddd Lee

    it’s cool

  • Woolala

    Come on! do u tink someone will actually fixed these pics?! with the same bunch of pics? u hvn seen much…
    they deny and said were photoshop bcos of their reputation!! Doomsday!

    And Its obvious, these pics are from video! If you could upload video… it’ll be great!!

  • Woolala

    More pics and video will be excellent!

    • jasonyanto

      who is it?

  • yoza

    of corz the photos are real. if it’s fake, then why does edison doesnt pop out and justify himself? he’s chicken shit and fled hk.

    and plzzzz, for ppl saying the girls are too nice, they wont do such a thing…this is 2007, shit happens. we’re not living in a fairytale world anymore. and if it’s fake, where’s the original to the headshots? and hey, if ppl say it’s real good look alikes. shit, that’s even worse, u mean it just happens edison is banging all girls who look like celebs? jees, u guys are so dumbass.

  • Woolala

    WAHAHA…. totally agreed! *two thumbs up*

  • kk

    4 those who said it’s fake, simply hv not ideas how photoshop works, one picture can be fake so long u screen through tens of photos to find a suitable head & body match, but surely not photos w/ continuous motions & expression, i hv been using this software for years so i know very well… it’s difficult to accept the truth since
    i’m one of twins supporter…

  • VIG

    any video coming ?
    those photo are real, hope to see more girls coming up lol

  • Wow

    Those pictures of Cecilia are just sad. She doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying it. She looks drugged up or something else. It’s sad to look at. I hope the best for all the girls involved. I feel bad for them.

  • bella

    that is… one hairy bush…
    you’d think being a celebrity she’d groom her netherlands…

  • Woolala

    oh my! these gals are involved too!
    Maggie Q, Stephy,周丽淇,Rosanne,萧亚轩(elva hsiao),谢凯珊,蔡依林(jolin tsai)
    some i dunno who…
    i cant believe elva and jolin are involved in this mess unless i see their pics!! hehehe…

  • apple.wu

    Oh, it’s so cool. I can’t believe these.

  • kk

    Though i believe these pics are real, i still can’t accept the fact…well

  • ALYN

    This is to be expected of Edison since he’s pretty much scum and everyone knows it. But the girls, especially Gillian have been playing up this “innocent, pure woman” persona…so her career is in big trouble. Especially in such a conservative culture (At least publicly anyway).

    I can’t help but laugh at the fans who are deluded enough to believe these are fake.

  • bananaswallower

    It’s real. Now let’s see the video, hairy pussy and small dick!

  • aiyah

    though i believe that all these pictures are real, nevertheless, i think it is supposed to be private , so for those who posted and or enjoy the pictures, or even those that are waiting for & wanting to see more should GET A LIFE!!! celebrities are HUMAN too, they have their needs, i don’t think anyone should or HAVE the right to say anything negative about them. as long as they are enjoying the process, they had their fun, then that’s it. in this case maybe cecilia is an exception…

  • aiyah

    wow… you must live in Lalaland…..

  • Whala

    I never liked Edison but now he my IDOL. I always wanted to see Cecilia naked and now I SEE.

  • aiyah

    this seems to be an american guys thing…they like to take pictures of their sex partners….which is normal… i don’t think you guys should blame edison.. i mean unless he was the one who posted these pictures OR he just fucked the girls as if they were nothing… i mean if he just wanted to keep a picture or 2 for his memory…then i think its fine…

  • ceciliaho!

    :chant: we need more.It’s just sex relax :)

  • ceciliaho!

    lol hairy bunch nice

  • http://abcd kk

    come on! updat more. I really want to see more pictures. I heard that Joey yung had some picture. Who can find them for everyone to see them? It will be very excite….

  • gil&ceciliaho!

    not one but two HAIRY BUNCHES.

  • OMG

    Erm you guys noe any videos or pics URL???
    Pls Post back so i noe…