In which Zac Efron tries not to sound gay

Zac Efron tels April’s Elle that his mom heard rumors that he was in a sex shop with Vanessa Hudgens and started grilling him on why he was there.

Zac Efron can’t decide what to get

OceanUp found a fan photo of High School Musical sensations Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in a sex shop and it looks like Zac already made a purchase.

Vanessa Hudgens has camel toe

Here are a few pictures of Vanessa Hudgens’ camel toe even though you’ve seen five hundred pictures of her naked already.

Fail all around

Nevermind that Vanessa Hudgens ran out of breath and basically dropped her mic confirming everyone’s suspicions that she was lip-syncing.

Vanessa wants Zac to stop being a sissy

If you’ve questioned Zac Efron’s sexuality with much gusto, then you’ll be curious as to what his current girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens says about him.

Vanessa Hudgens might have a sex tape

AceShowBiz claims Vanessa Hudgens not only sent nude photos of herself to one time co-star Drake Bell, but also a tape of her stripping in a Santa hat.