Lindsay Lohan Bails on Barbara Walters Interview

As far as I can piece together, Lindsay Lohan agreed to promote Liz & Dick by doing an interview with Barbara Walters in a lead-up to the movie’s premiere on Lifetime. This was rumored to be part of an agreement between her and producers to pay off her $46,000 bill at the Chateau Marmont where she was temporarily banned from.

Sources say Lindsay pulled out because she didn’t want Walters to ask her any questions about her recent crash and that they had originally agreed on only questions focusing on her new movie. In the past week, producers started telling Lohan that Walters wanted to ask about her personal life including questions about her lying to cops.

Lindsay’s new PR team, Rogers & Cowan, didn’t want her to possibly incriminate herself (it’s already been shown that Lindsay is a terrible liar) so they pulled the plug. Sources say Lindsay feels terrible and is looking to reschedule as soon as her people let her.

I’m not sure what her people are so worried about. She doesn’t need a medium like 20/20 to say something stupid. The only way you’re going to get her to stop doing that is to put a muzzle on her. And have you ever tried to muzzle a chick that doesn’t want to be? It’s hard. Especially with all that flailing and screaming to just let her go and that she won’t tell anyone.

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