Lindsay Lohan Was Almost in the ‘The Avengers’ Says Delusional Lindsay Lohan

When your life is spinning in an uncontrollable downward spiral, you tend to start comforting yourself with sweet lies. This is what Lindsay Lohan did in the last episode of her reality show. She insisted that had it not been for her manager, she would have been cast in the last Avengers movie. According to Lindsay, he didn’t push hard enough and the role eventually went to “an unknown.”

As Uproxx  notes, there were only three parts she could realistically be cast in. Pepper Pots, Black Widow and Maria Hill. Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson were cast as Pots and Black Widow so that leaves Maria Hill, a role that went to Cobie Smulders. We’ll assume this is the unknown Lindsay was talking about. This girl who’s starred in How I Met Your Mother which ran for 9 years on CBS and ended this week in one of the most talked about finales.

It goes to show how delusional Lindsay actually is. She wouldn’t have gotten the role no matter how hard her manager pushed. Lindsay never shows up on time, won’t memorize lines, has no work ethic, has a penchant for stealing clothes from wardrobe, and is known for being difficult to work with. Cobie Smulders is none of those things.

The only way Lindsay could have gotten that part is if she kidnapped Joss Whedon’s kids and held a gun to their heads.

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