Martin Shrekil Can Add ‘Trying To Pick Up Teen Girls Off The Internet’ To His Resume

Where does it even end with this asshole? Between planning to bust convicted felons out of jail and killing millions of people by pricing them out of lifesaving HIV meds and running massive fraud schemes, how does he even find the time to be this much of a piece of s**t?

Honestly it’s almost impressive.

On top of all of that,┬áhe’s kept up a busy live streaming schedule, which is mostly just him playing video games alone. On Monday, however, it featured an hour and a half chat with a seventeen year old high school girl, who he tried to impress by playing guitar.

Oh yeah, this dude’s 32 by the way.

He also threatened to come to her school and beat a kid up, asked for her address and if ‘kids these days’ are into polygamy, and told her he could get her into Columbia. He live steamed this entire thing on his youtube channel, while commenters called him out for being a pedophile. When a commenter asked how old she was, Shkreli replied:


and went right on trying to hit that.

Go f**k yourself, Martin Shkreli.

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