Kim Kardashian Might Change the Conversation on Gun Control

Kim Kardashian is very famous, and no one really knows why or what for, but the point is, people pay attention to her. She’s starting to throw her influence behind s**t that matters and it could potentially change the game.

While Kim isn’t exactly known for her empathetic and relevant political commentary, it looks like that’s changing. While before her marriage to Kanye West what pissed her off was mostly the Armenian Genocide of 1915, due to her ancestry, it looks like marrying a black dude and having half-black kids has woken her the f**k up.

Until recently her activism was mostly on her blog, Twitter, and Instagram, but she’s started talking about both Black Lives Matter and gun control publicly, even meeting with survivor and activist groups. Of course, she snapchatted and instagrammed all of it.

Look, like Kim Kardashian or not, she has almost 80 million Instagram followers alone. She is a global phenomenon that could get all kinds of people into all kinds of activism that wouldn’t otherwise be. She is an untapped political change force and influencer ready to show you pictures of her ass and make the world a better place. You go Kim.

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5 years ago

Why don’t you wake and smell the coffee, Kim is only doing this for publicity, or how much money is she being paid to “endorse” gun control. Don’t know which is worse Kim or the parents that are there with her.

Perry de Havilland
5 years ago

I assume this article is satire, and upon that basis, well done!

The REAL Kanye West
The REAL Kanye West
5 years ago

Just sgow us your goodies and stfu you useless b*tch….Sorry, i take that back, you do serve 1 purpose.

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