Kate Upton Is Real Dumb, Y’all

We all know about mediocre sportball player Colin Kaepernick proving he’s a stand up guy by using the platform he’s got to protest. Or if you think Black Lives Matter is a hoax, you know him as that guy that hates freedom and whatever.

Model Kate Upton took to Twitter to criticize all the players following in his footsteps, only to prove that she should probably just use social media to spread pictures of her body being used to sell stuff and not her opinions. If you are gonna call a guy out for something, at least make sure your call out makes some kinda damn sense. Look at this.

Hmmmm in this country that was founded by a bunch of dudes redfacing and chucking tea in a harbor as a form of rebellion, rebellion is not what this country is about.


Haha, yeah. Protest whenever you want, just you know, like, not whenever I don’t want you to.

Celebrate our corrupt justice system that’s killing a human being a day and thinks it’s nbd, but not in a way that I would notice. How about the million Middle Eastern civilians we killed since 9/11? Got anything to say about that, blondie? I can think of a lot of things more fucked up for you to worry about than peaceful silent protests. Like smizing.

Twitter has dragged her obvi.


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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
7 years ago

Dumb would be a someone’s job being to pretend to be a journalist and report on the horrible people who are black lives matter. Dumb would be a ugly ass little girl with a name similar to mine pretending to care about black people when in reality she just uses them for entertainment…now that’s dumb