How Much Would You Pay to Punch Martin Shkreli in the Face?

Not only did Martin Shkreli jack up the price of a decades old drug that’s standard for treating parasitic infection from $13.50 to over $700 on a whim, but he also uses YouTube to harass high school girls. And not only is he using YouTube to harass high school girls, but he has the world’s most punchable face.

So punchable that people are allegedly willing to pay over 70K to punch it. Shkreli will match your donation, and let you punch him in the face and film it for a good cause.

Man if I had more than $13 and a jar of peanut butter to my name, I would be all over this.

What I want to know is why he didn’t do this for Harambe?

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
7 years ago

This guy is one of the donors Hillary “murder 1 murder all” Clinton has and because of that he should be treated with respect. This article is a trigger for black people like myself and the amount of rasict microaggressions shows that the writer is nothing but a closet republicancomment image