Customer Dies of Emotional Distress After Being Forced to Clean Walgreens Bathroom

The widow of a 69-year-old man has sued an Orlando Walgreens after they held him captive in there.

Wait, what?

Old man Fernando Elizarraras went to this Walgreens on Oct 15, 2012, where he was a long time customer. After using the bathrooms, employees physically held him in the store and berated him for leaving a mess in the bathroom. He was then forced to clean it for 20 minutes before they let him go.

According to the suit, this incident disgraced and disturbed him so much that it led to his death.

While this is really shitty, it’s possible that the claim will be thrown out before trial as there’s no actual way to prove it. Also, the lawsuit does not mention how soon after the incident he died.

His widow is suing Walgreens for an undetermined amount, but according to court documents she is willing to settle for $500,000.

Hustle the s**t out of them lady. It’s hard out here. ¬†And even harder in Florida.

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