Is Kim Kardashian Battling a Secret Mystery Illness?

2016 just keeps getting worse and worse.

David Bowie? Dead. Guy Who Played Snape? Dead. Donald Trump? Gonna Be President.

Kim Kardashian? Assaulted and robbed at gunpoint, rumored to be leaving her wildly unstable husband, and now allegedly hiding some kind of debilitating medical condition from the world.

Damn, 2016. Chill.

An insider told Radar:

“About three weeks ago, Kim received bad medical news. Kanye has been stressed about the diagnosis and that was part of what is to blame for his demise.”

Demise? Really? What is this, Mortal Kombat? I reject the validity of this source for talking like an anime villain.

According to another less source that sounds a lot less like they are hoarding millennium items:

“Kim’s friends have heard she was diagnosed with a major illness, and is not going to be OK.”

Even if this isn’t real Kim is already having a worse 2016 than you, probably.

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