Lindsay Lohan ‘Scared To Return’ To US

Lindsay Lohan, whose flirting with Islam while opening nightclubs in Greece and allegedly smoking pregnant on boats, said that she was scared to come back to America from spending her life luxury yachting around the Mediterranean because of her spirituality. During an appearance on the Daily Mail’s Facebook Live she had a lot to say.

From Page Six:

“I was scared to come here with everything going on because of my personal beliefs.”

Honey, America was built by rich white people for rich white people. Calm down. Regardless of what you believe, no one is coming for you. Deciding you’re a refugee suddenly doesn’t make you one.

While awhile ago she was thinking about being Muslim even though she admitted she had never really read the Koran, it looks like at least she realizes you can’t just snap your fingers and change religions in a day at this point.

“It’s a process to convert to anything. I respect all religions … it’s a beautiful religion and I am a very spiritual person … it’s something I’ve been studying. You can’t just convert overnight to a religion.”

She also says she has been studying the Koran.

While Lindsay Lohan is one of the easiest targets in Hollywood, there’s a lot of reasons your personal beliefs might make living in America uncomfortable right now, like the fact that the literal KKK is backing the party in power.

It’s hard out here.

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7 years ago

“like the fact that the literal KKK is backing the party in power.”

Last time I checked, the alt-leftists and Democrats lost. Maybe next time, KKK!

7 years ago

If I were a washed-up deadbeat who skipped out on tens of thousands of unpaid bills, I wouldn’t want to return home either.

Seriously, remember when Lilo was the hottest woman in the US? That seems like a century ago now.