Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Talking Again

It’s been two months since Brad and Angelina hired a private judge to handle their messy divorce and custody issues, which have pretty much dragged Brad Pitt’s name through the mud as an abusive crack whore, only for us to later discover that most of that wasn’t real.

A source told E! News that the ex-couple are talking for the first time in a while.

“Things have calmed settled between Brad and Angelina. It’s not as tense as it had been. They are focused on the kids and working to do what’s best for them.”

After a crazy six months, Jolie is back to doing her humanitarian stuff, and Pitt has seemed to deal with his addiction issues well and is back making films and sculpting stuff.

“Brad has been able to spend more time with the kids. He’s doing well and is focused on healthy, clean living. He’s in a good place.”

This communication isn’t about anything heavy yet, but it’s a big step forward.

“They recently started talking again and it’s a significant step. Up until now everything was through lawyers and assistants.”

That’s all changed for the better of the kids, and both have high hopes. The insider said of Brad:

“Brad hopes that they can be successful at co-parenting and get to a place where they can be friendly. They both have agreed to put the kids first.”

This lines up with what Jolie told the BBC last month:

“We are a family and we’ll always be a family. And we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it.”

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Jerine Watson
Jerine Watson
7 years ago

Re Mr. Pitt – reminds me of that insurance commercial….”NO!I didn’t pick the wrong POLICY! I picked the wrong COMPANY!” Pitiful. You’re not in OZ anymore. Or Junior High, either. Pack up the kids and run like hell.