Kim Kardashian Is Selling Candles of Herself as the Virgin Mary and People Are Mad

Our president is a documented sexual assaulter. Go call him out and leave Kim Kardashian alone.

After she dropped a candle that has a picture of herself as the Virgin Mary on it on her website, Christians got mad.

Christians, who get mad over Starbucks cups and love the Bible except for that whole thing about how a camel is more likely to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven, have a lot of irrelevant opinions about it.

How about you get angry about all the priests that keep raping kids and being shuffled between churches or smth, lady?

Co-opting a social movement trying to get cops to stop killing black people and borrowing religious iconography are not the same.

Y’all also believe the crackers you eat literally become the flesh of Christ when you eat it, you in-denial pagan fucks.

I hope Kim Kardashian set out to piss off Christians specifically, because any group of people that’s silent when terrorists flying their colors motivated by propaganda videos shoot up Planned Parenthoods, but is mad about Starbucks cups and candles, can eat my ass.

They don’t even deserve to eat Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Get that money, boo.

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