United Airlines Tries to Hijack That Wendy’s Retweet Story, But The Internet Shut Them Down

United Airlines needs some good press after their last month. When they aren’t beating doctors to death or killing rabbits, they are making people pee in cups.

What do you do when you need good press? You attach yourself to someone who has good press.

You know the guy above as Carter, the man who became famous asking Wendy’s for chicken nuggets even though Wendy’s chicken nuggets suck. When Carter’s quest first started, United reached out to him out of the kindness of their hearts.

This was pre-United screws up everything. Now that Carter got his nuggets from Wendy’s, United is trying to hold up their end of the bargain.

Since United is still on the “no fly” list for most people, the skepticism was strong.

On one hand, United should be commended for still offering up the free flight. On the other hand, why is this dude getting nuggets and flights for not reaching 18 million RTs? Stop handing out participatory trophies, America.

Here’s my advice to United: lay low. Everything you do will be made fun of. You can cure cancer and feed kids in Africa, but that won’t save you from overbooking jokes. Just go about your business (the correct way) and wait for Delta to keep screwing up.

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