Gwyneth Paltrow Admitted She’s Clueless About GOOP

Besides acting and ‘consciously uncoupling’, Gwyneth Paltrow is known for having a website named GOOP, which seems to think that everyone in the world has the same amount of disposable income as she does. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and they discussed the near decade-old site. Kimmel liked the wellness and vacation parts, but then he brought things like “earthing”. Paltrow explained:

“So one of the things we like to do on Goop is find what the alternative world says about feeling good in the modern-day world. So, earthing — I don’t actually know that much about earthing, and it came out of me not knowing anything about earthing but hearing about it. They say that we lost touch with sort of being barefoot in the earth, and there’s type  of electromagnetic thing that we’re missing. It’s good to take your shoes off and walk in the grass.”

Uhh, ok…That’s when she admitted, “I don’t know what the f**k we talk about!”

The scary thing is that Paltrow is willing to have her name attached to these things despite not having the slightest fucking clue about what they actually do. Kimmel read three things to her and each time her basic reaction was to just kind of titter and throw up her hands while saying, “I don’t know.” Chances are good that her GOOP followers will still lap up whatever pseudo bullshit that’s posted on there and she’ll still be laughing all the way to the bank.

This is a woman who once said that octopuses are too smart to be food. I mean, that’s not quite at Jessica Simpson “Chicken of the Sea” level. Then again, Simpson’s a bad example. Take a look at this, for example… Wow.

Surprisingly, Paltrow’s GOOP wasn’t behind the really weird recent trend of putting powdered wasp nests inside women’s vaginas. Normally, that would be an extremely strange sentence to write, but this is Paltrow we’re talking about. Nothing is surprising anymore. This is the same woman who peddled some really bad hangover cures.

This incident will be a blip in our public consciousness, and her followers will still dutifully read her weekly newsletter. That makes me want to go chuck a few jade eggs into a lake.

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