Hugh Hefner Left His Wife Crystal Harris Nothing in His Will

Bad news for Crystal Harris. She thought she was marrying an old man on his last legs and that she would get his millions when he passed. Hugh Hefner passed on Wednesday, but Harris may not inherit anything from Hefner.

The two got married in December 2012 and signed a prenup prior to the wedding. According to US Weekly, Hefner’s will leaves his fortune to his children, the University of Southern California film school and a variety of charities. Hefner’s estate was worth $43 million in 2013. Hefner sold the Playboy Mansion for $100 million in 2016.

Crystal Harris must be PISSED. She married Hefner when she was 26 and Hefner was 86. She knew what she was doing. No 26-year-old Playboy model wants to marry an 86-year-old man unless he’s super rich. Hefner was super rich. She knew he wasn’t long for this world, even then. She put up with him for five years when he was at his most crazy. Hefner took away the titties in Playboy in their five years of marriage. That public Hef. Can you imagine how crazy he was behind the scenes if he was willing to publicly take away the titties?

Crystal Harris deserves his entire fortune. Alright, maybe give some of it to Cooper since he saved the titties, but he’s about to make bank on Playboy moving forward. What’s Crystal have? She’s 31 now. She’s still hot, but she’s not Playmate of the Year hot anymore. She wasted those years on an 80-year-old man.

The good news for Harris is that men should be lining up at her door. You know she’s waiting for a young stud who doesn’t need Viagra to sweep her off her feet. Maybe her number of suitors decreases now that they know she won’t be loaded, but money doesn’t matter, right?

It didn’t matter to Crystal in 2012 and it shouldn’t matter to her now. Because she ain’t getting any.

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