Steven Seagal Still Under Siege for Rape Allegations, Not Above the Law

Just in case you forgot, cryptocurrency mogul and honorary Russian person Steven Seagal is accused of sexual assault by more than one person. Attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference where two of her clients, Regina Simons and Faviola Dadis, recounted being assaulted by Seagal.

Simons had previously talked about being raped by Seagal, and Dadis posted a description of her encounter with him on her Instagram.

Yeah, Seagal also apparently showed Portia de Rossi his junk. And he groped Katherine Heigl like, just in front of everyone. And he apparently had sex slaves or something? I mean, he has a history in the “probably being a rapist” category is what I’m saying.

Here’s what happened at the press conference, which was mostly just restating the allegations Simons and Dadis had previously made, via TMZ.

Regina Simons was flanked by her attorney, Lisa Bloom, at a news conference Monday and spoke publicly for the first time about the assault. Regina claims Seagal invited her to his home about 25 years ago under the guise there would be a wrap party. She says he took her into a bedroom, kissed her neck and then raped her.

Regina added she had never been naked in front of another man before … and when it was over, claims Seagal offered her money. She says she never spoke to him again. Faviola Dadis is the second woman accusing Seagal of sexually assaulting her when she was 17.

Faviola says the alleged assault happened in 2002 at the W Hotel … where she claims Seagal pinched her nipples, slid his hand under her bikini and touched her vagina during an audition.

Bloom wouldn’t say if they’ll sue Seagal, but all legal options remain open. Bloom says she hasn’t spoken to Seagal. They’ve reported the incidents to LAPD.

I have a feeling they’re going to sue. High-powered attorneys with their own TV shows don’t tend to take cases for free. And Bloom probably needs the money since she’s not bringing in that “covering up Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct” money anymore.

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