Things Didn’t Go Well for Logan Paul When He Tried to Come for Chris D’Elia on Twitter

One of the most important things to learn about on Twitter is to learn to let things go, especially if you get roasted. It happens to everyone, you say something dumb and someone lets you have it; just mute the thread and move on with your life. You’re angry and hurt and they’re not, they’re thinking more clearly than you, you’re not going to come off well here.

Luckily for us, Logan Paul never learned that lesson, so he ended up embarrassing himself even more when comic and actor Chris D’Elia took a relatively mild shot at the embattled YouTube vlogger when Paul announced he was ending his daily vlog, saying it was “important that you watch.” D’Elia disagreed.

That could have been the end of it, really. Logan could have saved some face by just ignoring this, but that would take intelligence and emotional maturity and we’re talking about Logan Paul here. Instead he did this.

Yeah, I know. I feel sorry for him, too. Chris D’Elia did a live sitcom with Ron Funches, the dude has some chops. I mean, he’s no Ron Funches, but he’s funny.

Now it’s time for Logan to act like Maverick and walk away. The only way out of this is to say “Okay, you got me, that was funny. I loved Undateable, I’m sorry you aren’t a fan but hopefully you enjoy the new things I’m trying going forward.” Come on, this is Logan Paul we’re talking about.

This isn’t going to end well for you, Logan.

Yeah, just walk away. You’re getting beat like Chris is a Mexican boxer and you’re in America 1st trunks, Logan.

That’s just sad, I’m starting to feel bad for Logan Paul, it’s like Chris D’Elia is just winning a foot race against Stephen Hawking at this point.

At this point Logan learned his lesson and decided to just subtweet D’Elia because he’s a huge pussy and wants to claim he’s laughing while being afraid of getting roasted again.

I seriously hope one of his dumb Jackass-style stunts goes wrong and he gets brain damage. Then again, that may have already happened, how would anyone be able to tell?

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5 years ago

Um. Chris didn’t burn him bad at all and I’m a fan of Chris. Is this satire?