Chia Pets Are Making a Comeback With ‘Rick and Morty’, ‘Stranger Things’ and More

I never had a Chia Pet when I was a kid because they’re really dumb. They were supposed to be six different kinds of animals, but they all looked the same, and what’s going on with the Chia Tree? That’s not a pet, and I’m not all that impressed with a tree that grows tiny leaves; I have real trees that do that in my backyard. Of course, that commercial had a catchy jingle that made sure everyone knew what a Chia Pet was even if no one I’ve ever met actually had one.

Well, Chia Pets are back under new owners NECA Toys and they’ve got a whole range of new pets for you to grow chia seeds on, and I’m sure they’ll all cost a small fortune now that hipsters are putting that stuff in salads. For example, there’s a Donald Trump Chia Pet that has the best hair Donald Trump has ever had in his entire life.

According to Nerdist, Chia is rolling out a whole bunch of new Chia Pets based on things like Ghostbusters, The Golden Girls and Predator. But the most interesting new Chia Pets are for the best shows with the most annoying fan bases, Stranger Things and Rick and Morty. The Stranger Things one is kind of cool, with the Dustin Chia Pet growing out from under his baseball cap. I’m really looking forward to seeing a minor celebrity say something inappropriately sexual about it on Twitter.

As for the Rick and Morty Chia Pets, I have a marketing strategy for you. Make like five of them and make the nerds who watch that show fight to the death over them. Then, after the carnage has subsided, say you’ve actually got a warehouse full of them. Maybe throw in a “wubba-lubba-dub-dub,” the parody catch phrase that hasn’t actually been said by anyone on the show in over four years but fans obnoxiously repeat endlessly like Urkel asking if he did that. That’s the sort of thing that Rick and Morty fans love.

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