Logan Paul Has Somehow Tricked Chloe Bennet into Dating Him

Chloe Bennet is the female lead on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD. Logan Paul is some YouTube geek. You wouldn’t think Bennet would ever have reason to give Paul the time of day. And yet, they are dating.

Bennet confirmed the relationship on Twitter after fans spotted the two kissing on Paul’s Instagram story.

Chloe, blink twice if you’re being held against your will. We can send the Avengers right away.

It’s like she’s never watched one of his YouTube videos. Like, she knows he filmed a suicide and is trying to further exploit the situation by releasing a documentary, right? And she knows he’s going to embarrass himself by “fighting” some other YouTuber by the name of KSI, right?

I’m not saying the guy is a douchebag, but if the Cash Me Outside Girl is against you, you’re doing something wrong.

This will not help her K-pop career.

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2 years ago

this is so fucking stupid. youtubers aren’t geeks.

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