Is Ariana Grande Trying to Sound Like a Black Woman?

Ariana Grande is all over the news recently after her split from Pete Davidson, who is both obsessed with and looks like an old white woman. Ariana herself isn’t old, but she’s super white. She’s so white that she was on two Nickelodeon shows. She’s so white that after the attack at her concert in Manchester she asked to speak to the terrorist’s manager. She’s so white that a Republican governor hasn’t tried to close a single polling place in her congressional district. She’s so white she calls pepperoni pizza “spicy.”

Now Ariana is doing another typical white woman thing: trying to sound like a black woman. Take a listen to this video posted by twitter user MESSYCARDIB that compares how Ariana talked before and how she talks during her Billboard Woman of the Year interview.

Listen to the way she says juice. There’s no way that’s not intentional. Ariana is Italian, and I come from an Italian family and no one in it talks like that. They talk like this.

And this.

Or this.

What Italians do not sound like is someone practicing a super offensive Nicki Minaj impression. Well, you know, except for Uncle Sal when he’s had one too many.

Some people have also insinuated that Grande’s dark tan is also in some way her trying to appear black, but that’s just being Italian. Melanomas and old ladies with skin like a Gucci purse is our heritage. But let’s say thank u, next to that blaccent, Ariana.

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Take it as a compliment if it’ll change the conversation to something relevant!!jeez


“Now Ariana is doing another typical white woman thing: trying to sound like a black woman.” – Easily the most uninformed, ignorant BS I’ve read in a while. How are you even a journalist?


Yeah, I’m sure she wants herpes, too?

If blacks didn’t have double-standards, they would have no standards at all.
Only culture on earth that appears to live for victimizing themselves over any white person daring to do things blacks do every day day.


She’s a pig who cares

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