Lady Gaga Cyberbullying Ninja is the Best Thing Ever

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life was Ninja trying to do the “world’s largest floss dance” in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. He wanted to get a million people to all floss dance with him and no one there gave even a little bit of a s**t. It was glorious.

Ninja brought that same energy to The Masked Singer when he was one of the first people voted off and everyone was like “They ran out celebrities for this already? It’s only the second season!”

But I’m obviously not the only person who thinks like this because Lady Gaga threw some amazing shade at him on Twitter.

Gaga is clearly not a video gamer, because she had to ask her followers what Fortnite is.

Fair enough. This is where Ninja steps in and tells Gaga he’ll play with her, walking back his whole “I can’t play games with girls because they have cooties” thing.

And then Gaga just crushes this poor dude who thinks he’s a legitimate celebrity and not someone who got lucky that a game he played got popular.

“Who are you” is going to go down in history as one of the best tweets in all of history. In ten years, when this dude’s fifteen minutes of fame have ended he’s going to be crying into a bottle of whisky going “I’ll tell you who the f**k I am Stefani!”

What he said for now was “Ask Drake” which is not a strong comeback.

Love to name drop the wheelchair kid from Degrassi to prove how famous I am. Drake did not tweet in Ninja’s defense, by the way.

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