Even Grimes Finds Elon Musk Insufferable

YouTube / Grimes

One of the things that annoys me about Elon Musk the most is that he’s rich enough that people have to pretend he’s smart. He’s basically an idiot. If Elon Musk didn’t have money his friends would call him… nothing, because he wouldn’t have friends because he’s insufferable.

Even Grimes, who just gave birth to his son a few days ago, clearly thinks he’s an asshole.

See, it started when they gave their kid the dumbest name this side of Michael Jackson naming a kid Blanket. Seriously, it’s X Æ A-12. Why?

Well, Grimes explained why.

See, this is the sort of thing people do when they want to seem smart but they’re actually dumb. Other things include writing long essays about how Marvel movies are fighting racism, reading books by Deepak Chopra and tweeting about Elizabeth Warren is totally just like Hermione Granger, you guys!

Also, “ai” is love in Japanese, more proof Grimes is a weeb. And it’s not pronounced the same way as Æ.

Now, I’ve been saying Elon Musk isn’t smart, but I have proof.

No one who is smart would correct a typo on the tweet of the woman who had just given birth to their child.

To be fair to Elon, it wasn’t profound.

“You are a powerful fairy queen” is just dipshit for “please touch my tiny penis again.”

Grimes also took the time to defend her choice to someone who correctly told her her name was fucking stupid, saying she thinks it sounds like the name of the main character in a story.

I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “Zaya” but I could be wrong because it’s fucking spelled X Æ A-12. Imagine having to tell people whether or not the 12 in your name is silent.

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1 year ago

Lol this is a pathetic smear attempt with no basis. As hominems out the wazoo! Zzzzz!

1 year ago

You’re a fucking idiot.

1 year ago

Elon’s farts are smarter than you.

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