Jenny McCarthy Backtracks on Being ‘Anti-Vaccine’
jenny mccarthyApril 14, 2014

In an op-ed in the Chicago Sun-Times, Jenny McCarthy tries to distance herself from the anti-vaccine movement she became the face of. McCarthy claims she isn’t anti-vaccine. In ...

The Rest of the Web, Monday, 4.14.14
other newsApril 14, 2014

Grumpy cat attended the MTV Movie Awards so obviously he’s the perfect cat to ring in today’s links.

Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Have a Sex Tape
love & hip hopApril 14, 2014

I’ve never heard of¬†Love & Hip Hop or know what a Mimi Faust or Nikko Smith is but apparently these two have a sex tape. Obviously, Vivid is ...

Forget Everyone Else, Here’s McKayla Maroney at Coachella
coachellaApril 14, 2014

Well, it’s over. We can stop with the posts now. US gymnast McKayla Maroney has officially won Coachella 2014. It’s like me challenging Anderson Silva to a fight. ...

Coachella Music Festival Day 1
Aaron Paul Had Fun at Coachella
aaron paulApril 14, 2014

Here’s Aaron Paul goofing around at Coachella. He was the most likeable celebrity out of anyone there. Mostly because he’s an awesome unpretentious guy who doesn’t mind talking ...

Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler Share A Kiss At Coachella Music Festival
Joe Jonas Made Out With His Girlfriend at Coachella, Red Hat Is Into It
coachellaApril 14, 2014

You can stop saying Joe Jonas is gay now. Here he is making out with his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler on the first day of the festival. The guy in ...

There Was a Paul Walker Tribute at the MTV Movie Awards
jordana brewsterApril 14, 2014

Let’s be honest. If MTV was a person, it’d be Paul Walker. So of course Jordana Brewster paid tribute to Paul Walker at the MTV Movie Awards last ...

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards
Rita Ora, Jessica Alba, Nicki Minaj And Victoria Justice Looked Fantastic At The MTV Movie Awards
jessica albaApril 14, 2014

The MTV Movie Awards aren’t all about celebrating the achievements of lesser known celebrities. They’re also about ad revenue and who looked hotter on the red carpet. Rita ...

Zac Efron Took His Shirt Off At The MTV Movie Awards, Men Look At Themselves In Disgust
mtv movie awardsApril 14, 2014

Zac Efron won Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards last night, an award presented by Jessica Alba and Rita Ora mind you. When Efron took the ...