Lauren Stoner Showing Off Her Sexy Bikini Body
Lauren Stoner in a Bikini in Miami
bikini5 hours ago

Former reality star Lauren Stoner hit up Miami to show off her kickass body and nice ass. I’m not even a woman and I just looked at myself in ...

Kourtney Kardashian Showing Off Her Sexy Bikini Body
Kourtney Kardashian Sexy What?
bikiniApril 21, 2014

FameFlynet says these are photos of Kourtney Kardashian showing off her “sexy bikini body” during her birthday weekend in Cabo. I’ll go ahead and assume we aren’t looking at ...

Serena Williams Hit Up Miami in Her Bikini and Now I’m Terrified
bikiniApril 16, 2014

I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if I saw Serena Williams coming out of the ocean at me. Apart from pee myself a little. Is this one of those ...

Candice Accola Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Maui
Candice Accola From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Hit Up Maui in a Bikini
bikiniApril 16, 2014

Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries hit up Maui with her fiance Joe King on Tuesday where they threw around a football and kissed. But you wouldn’t know that ...

Amanda Bynes Celebrates Spring Break in a Bikini
amanda bynesApril 7, 2014

Amanda Bynes isn’t crazy anymore. She’s actually the exact opposite of crazy. The bad news is we won’t get anymore weird half-naked selfies of her in front of ...

Bria Murphy Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Maui
Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Plays Bikini Volleyball
bikiniApril 2, 2014

Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s daughter, isn’t famous. It’s unclear if she does anything other than live off family money. Probably not considering she was in Maui playing beach ...

Britney Spears Put a Bikini Pic on Facebook
bikiniMarch 28, 2014

Because Britney Spears got tired of people making fun of her for ripping open her dress back in December, she put up a picture of her in a ...

Charlize Theron Changed 3 Times During Her Shoot, One Was a Bikini
bikiniMarch 20, 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Charlize Theron do something other than walk a red carpet or around LA getting coffee. Here she is at a photo ...

Metisha Schaefer Shows Off Her Bikini Body
Metisha Schaefer Is in Miami in a Bikini
bikiniMarch 6, 2014

Don’t know who Metisha Schaefer is? Neither do I but the description says she’s a model who was at Miami Beach. Originally I thought she sounded familiar but ...