15 Reasons Why I Hate Ryan Seacrest

Having dated Julianne Hough and Sophie Monk among others, Ryan Seacrest is one of those guys you kind of look at with jealousy and confusion because you have no idea how he convinces any of these girls to have sex with him.


Tom Cruise Is Dating Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon may be dating according to this report. They’ve apparently known each other for a while but Tom became interested after watching Orange Is the New Black (read: that opening shower scene). He took her on a date at The Manor Hotel in LA, a place Scientologists like to dine at, and even picked her up in a vintage car, her favorite.


Nicki Minaj and Zac Efron Had Sex

Star magazine claims Zac Efron and Nicki Minaj hooked up once at her house in West Hollywood and that she said he was the best lover she’s ever had.