Kim Kardashian’s Pregnant Body on the Cover of Us Weekly

Kim Kardashian covers the new issue of Us Weekly wearing nothing but a bikini and asks, “You call this fat?” I don’t know if that’s a rhetorical question but she’s pregnant so the answer is going to be “yes.” Maybe not fat in the traditional sense but more fat from being fattened up out of necessity.


Well This Was Unfortunate

If you’ve been reading about Kim Kardashian lately, you know that half of the stories are about the terrible maternity outfits her stylist chooses for her.


12 Celebrities Hacked and Finances Exposed

12 celebrities and a few political figures have had their personal information hacked which basically means someone managed to access their social security numbers either through hacked emails or social engineering.


Kim Kardashian Is Having a Girl

Based upon the fixed constant by which her hips are increasing relative to the distance of her gait, scientists have concluded that Kim Kardashian is having a girl.