Usher and His $20 Million Penis

Usher over here dispensing herpes like a Pez dispenser. Word came out last week about Usher’s $1.1 million settlement for giving an ex-girlfriend/f**k buddy herpes. And not the kind that’s easy to explain away.

He hid his STD from Maya Fox-Davis, the rumored victim. Then, when she got tested, he tricked her into thinking she was actually negative, when she was in fact positive. Finally, he ‘fessed up and said, yea, I got them bumps! Pus bumps. “Greenish discharge” was the exact term from the lawsuit settlement.

Now, another victim has appeared from the shadows. Is this gonna end up like Bill Cosby? This latest victim says she and Usher hooked up earlier in April. Usher did wear a condom.

According to the suit, filed by a Jane Doe, she and Usher hooked up in Atlanta on April 16 at her home. She says there was some heavy petting, some kissing, and she performed oral sex on him. They eventually had intercourse, and she says he wore a condom.

But he didn’t wear a condom the next time they hooked up. D’oh!

However, in the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says they had sex again 12 days later — this time in a New Orleans hotel room — and they did not use a condom.

Freaking Usher, man. Wrap it up. Originally, the lady, Jane Doe in the lawsuit, sued for $10 million for “negligence, battery and emotional distress.” You see, this news broke a few days ago, less than a week. Now, this lady’s reading the news and all of a sudden, in seven days, she’s so emotionally distressed to the tune of $10 million. Yeaaa, hard to believe.

But wait, there’s more.

Jane Doe went and got tested. Lo and behold, herpes simplex 2. Let’s called it “Usher’s Gift” from now on. Now that she’s got her positive results fro this STD, she’s upped her lawsuit to $20 million.

I’m not gonna say anything negative, but c’mon. This is a little shady. Seven days of being distressed is worth $10 million?? That’s already a red flag that you’d file your lawsuit and say that.

This case should be easy to prove, at least initially. Open her medical records and see if she had the STD before.

I wonder how Jim Carrey feels. He’s probably really interested in how this all plays out. Probably looking to squirrel away $20 million right about now.

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