Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Pic in Awhile, Posing in a Chanel Bra and Panties

Kim Kardashian gave her fans a treat. She took a selfie, I assume a selfie, of herself in Chanel bra and panties with her legs spread out. I rate this photo 17/10.

I’m also wondering where her three kids came from because that body is not a mother’s body. Where are the ripples? The stretch marks?

Four days ago she came out in the same outfit, but really limited on the skin.

She did stick her tongue out which some Redditor will probably turn into an awesome AI porn.

Looks like Kardashian is over that Paris robbery. Still remarkable she was gagged, tied up and robbed, being such a well-known protected celebrity.

Guess that’s why her insurance company is suing her former bodyguards for letting this happen. Basically, the insurance company had to pay out the insured money on Kardashian’s jewelry. That’s $6,116,067 to be exact.

The lawsuit also claims Duvier and Protect Security “negligently, carelessly, and/or recklessly performed their protection, security, monitoring, inspection, and/or surveying of” Kardashian West and the Hotel. Duvier and Protect Security “should have known that they were required to protect, secure, monitor, inspect, and/or survey … using the skill and care reasonably expected of those in this industry.”

Meanwhile, Kardashian’s also dealing with Kanye’s week of crazy. So far this week, Kanye ranted on SNL about Donald Trump and defended his MAGA hat. Then, he decided he wanted to bring Trump and Colin Kaepernick together, which sounds even more unlikely than peace in the Middle East.

After that, he started eating bugs. He capped it off by jumping on a table at College for Creative Studies in Detroit and telling them to leave Elon Musk “the f**k alone.” 

Kardashian’s next selfie should be of herself holding a newspaper, a hostage to Kanye’s crazy.

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