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Justin Bieber Was at the Heat Game
danielle fishelJune 4, 2013

Here’s Justin Bieber at Game 7 of the Heat/Pacers game last night looking all sorts of swaggy. He looks cooler than an Otter Pop on a hot summer’s ...

Justin Bieber Chased Down by Keyshawn Johnson
justin bieberMay 28, 2013

Former 6’4”, 212 lb NFL star Keyshawn Johnson chased down Justin Bieber over the weekend to yell at him for speeding dangerously but Justin ran away like a ...

Justin Bieber Will Sue You for $5M If You Talk About His Party
justin bieberMay 22, 2013

Want to party with Justin Bieber at his house? Great! You just have to sign this waiver that says he can sue you for $5 million if you ...

Justin Bieber Got Booed at the Billboard Music Awards

Justin Bieber was awarded the Milestone Award (you got to be kidding) at the 2013 Billboard Awards. Half the crowd loved it while the other half was not ...

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards Were Last Night and Taylor Swift Was Disgusted

Last night was the 2013 Billboard Music Awards and what better way to celebrate then to look at all the celebrities that showed up. Obviously, there always needs ...

Justin Bieber ‘Attacked’ in Dubai
justin bieberMay 6, 2013

Please take a moment of silence. America almost lost one of its greatest treasures in Justin Bieber yesterday. While performing in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, a member of ...

Justin Bieber Got a Selena Gomez Tattoo?
justin bieberApril 26, 2013

Today in Justin Bieber is retarded news comes reports that Justin may have gotten a Selena Gomez tattoo on his wrist. This in addition to a koi fish, ...

Justin Bieber Left His Monkey in Germany to Die
justin bieberApril 23, 2013

Justin Bieber got a Capuchin monkey a while ago. He named him Mally. As you may well know, Munich customs seized Mally when Bieber arrived for his world ...

Justin Bieber Posted Then Deleted This Selena Gomez Photo
justin bieberApril 22, 2013

Justin Bieber posted the above photo to Instagram and then quickly deleted it sparking rumors that this little twerp and Selena Gomez may be getting back together. Apparently, ...