Chloe Sullivan From ‘Smallville’ Is Running a Sex Cult While Felicity Smoak’s Sex Cult Is Just a Pale Imitation

I’m sorry to say this may well be the last article I write for The Blemish, because I just found out Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, is the second in command of a sex cult and I’ve got to sign up quickly because like hell am I going to miss my chance to be Watchtower’s sex slave. College me would never forgive me if I blew this chance.

The Daily Mail is the first major outlet to run a story about this sex cult called DOS that is a part of  “management training” company NXIVM. It’s run by a man named Keith Rainere and mentions Allison Mack, though the New York Times ran an exposé last month without mentioning Mack. A website called The Frank Report, run by former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato, has been documenting this for a good while before that.

Parlato explains, in one post, how Mack became sexually involved with Rainere, whom she had met through NXIVM, which she joined with Kristen Kreuk and Kreuk’s boyfriend. When the couple broke up, Kreuk left but her boyfriend and Mack remained.

One day, Allison left her computer open. There was an email on the screen. One of her friends saw it and was shocked: It was an email from Keith to Allison. It said in effect:

‘If you and I want to have sex, you have to make a vow to have sex only with me. You have to give me collateral that you are only having sex with me.’

Friends of the actress say she pledged significant financial assets as collateral to ensure her chastity.

So yeah, that’s a cult. That’s what cults do. Possibly the reason earlier reports didn’t name Mack, even though she’s said to be the second in command of the sex cult is that she’s clearly a victim of Rainere like the women “below” her, because, and this is interesting, the sex cult is organized like a pyramid scheme and Mack was apparently the first recruit.

Keith teaches that, combined with little sleep and a low calorie diet, a woman who has sex with him will be transformed. If he ejaculates with her, on her, or inside her, she becomes his forever.

As he healed her disintegrations though sex, he told her, as he had told many others, that he could die if she had sex with another man. He was ready to die, but his mission was not complete.  She had to give more collateral.

Wow, this management seminar is getting weird. How do you not realize that this is the sort of thing a crazy person thinks? I feel bad for Allison here. Also, he makes people call him “Vanguard”. That’s not something people do, that’s something Kyle MacLachlan’s character on How I Met Your Mother does.

When there were no more financial assets to pledge, he allowed her to give nude pictures and videos.  She had done cute pictures in her bra and panties. Maybe topless. Girls give pictures like that to their boyfriends all the time.

No. Cute pictures are not collateral. Neither are sexy pictures. It had to be completely naked. More: It had to go beyond moderate pornographic.

She had to have her legs up and her vagina spread open and it had to show her face. A shot of her inner labia with her face in the picture.

Yeah, okay, so this is super salacious. Remember that Rainere had convinced Allison she needed him to heal her. With his sperm. Which would be an awesome superpower, and was also a subplot in the second season of the Australian sitcom Laid. That did air in 2011, maybe that’s where he got the idea.

Long story short, he eventually convinced Mack that she needed to go and recruit more women. So he could heal them. With cum.

By the way, this guy has a YouTube channel, and it is a goddamn riot. Let’s have a look.

This is seriously creepy once you’ve heard about the whole sex cult thing. Rainere is making absolutely zero sense, he’s just saying words and buzzwords. People actually took this guy seriously. CEOs paid him tens of thousands, in some cases millions, of dollars to spout this bullshit. I should investigate this career path, honestly, I get paid significantly less to spout bullshit and I haven’t had sex with anyone from Smallville. I haven’t even had sex with anyone from Arrow and that show has been going downhill since season 3.

But look at the way Mack is looking at him, like he’s some kind of genius that she’s in love with. She’s clearly been brainwashed, you’d have to be to take this guy seriously. Maybe Justin Hartley can take a break from This Is Us and hit Rainere with a boxing glove arrow and save her.

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Si Swanick
Si Swanick
6 years ago

Look at his body language from start to finish. He directed his nonsense directly to her. His hand reaching across the table as if he’s reaching out to her. Even the words he’s using. Authentic. Authenticity. As if to portray that anything else isn’t real. Love isn’t real. Being you isn’t real. Even the tone of his voice, quiet soft, repeating key words but remaining monotonous even when she begins to become emotional. A true conman

Si Swanick
Si Swanick
6 years ago

Mack is at times unconvinced by his words. Yet also trying to reach out to him in some way, her body language shows she’s shielding herself yet at times the reaches out almost trying to touch him but holding herself back. That is a woman conflicted.

6 years ago

This breaks my @#$%ing heart.