Nxivm Sex Cult Update: Allison Mack Wants to Go to School and the Cult’s Lawyer Says Cult Was Just a Bit Edgy

Things are rough for Smallville star Allison Mack as she awaits trial for running a sex cult; not “held hostage and blackmailed into joining a sex cult” bad, but bad. She has less freedom than Harvey Weinstein, and while she’s out on bail she’s only allowed to meet with her lawyer and fly to New York for court appearances. According to Page Six, she’s asked the court to be allowed to work, go to school and attend religious services.

“While the instant charges have deprived her of pursuing her acting career, Ms. Mack nevertheless is interested in contributing to society,” read the court papers. “These activities not only will allow Ms. Mack to use her time productively while awaiting trial, but will also assist with her reintegration into society if she is vindicated of the charges or even in the unlikely event that she is convicted after trial.”

I would slow my roll on that if I were her. For starters, I don’t know if I’d let a cult leader go to church, her definition of what church is entails branding women and making them f**k her boyfriend. Secondly, Mack and Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere’s lawyer Marc Agnifilo seems to be basing his case around “these women wanted to be sex slaves, it’s basically like pledging a fraternity. And you’re sexist for insinuating otherwise.” Seriously, here’s what he told Megyn Kelly on Dateline, via The New York Post

“Talk to all the football players who have a branding on their arm. Are they all in cults? You know what the difference is? They’re men,” attorney Marc Agnifilo told NBC’s “Dateline” in an episode that aired Monday night.

“Women have a secret society, women brand themselves and they’re poor little dears and they’re victims. When men do it, they’re Marines.”

He added “These women wanted to be part of DOS. It was a little extreme, it was a little dangerous, it was a little edgy, it was all those things. That’s why they wanted it.” That sounds like something Harvey Weinstein would say, too. Do they have rehab for sex cult ringleaders? Maybe some horseback riding in the desert will keep Chloe Sullivan from wanting to torture and enslave woman to keep her boyfriend’s magical semen healthy.

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