Allison Mack Told Fellow Cult Member They Were ‘Sister Wives’

I don’t know how the hell Keith Raniere became a cult leader who got to have kinky, freaky sex with Chloe Sullivan, but you have to hand it to the guy, he’s like the Michael Jordan of running a sex cult. Like, I look at him and I see an ugly dumbass spouting bullshit buzzwords with Allison Mack fawning over him and even though he’s absolutely a garbage person I still have to give him some respect. It’s sort of like how people still like Daenerys even though she burned down King’s Landing.

The latest revelations from the court cases surrounding the NXIVM cult and the exclusive sex cult DOS is that Mack thought of her fellow sex cult members as her sister wives and wanted to raise all their kids together, according to Page Six.

“Now not only do you have a master [Raniere], you have all of these sister wives,” Salzman said the “Smallville” star told her while adding, “We’re going to raise our babies together.”

“Allison was very excited that I joined,” Salzman said.

Mack was already having sex with Raniere, Salzman said. Raniere would go on to coerce Salzman into having threesomes with Mack and him, she has said.

Yikes. Also, I mean… I had that dream in high school, and if I would have known all I needed to do to make it happen was be a shitty motivational speaker and tell Mack I had magic sperm I would have absolutely been doing that. Seriously, Allison, if you read this, I do have magic sperm. Like way more magic than Keith Raniere. That dude has C-grade magic sperm at best. Call me.

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