Allison Mack Used ‘Wonder Woman’ to Recruit Sex Slaves

The NEXIVM cult story has been an unending source of lurid details about the high school crush of a bunch of people who are never going to admit that again. Allison Mack is basically only famous because she was in the Superman adaptation Smallville, and it turns out that she used the DC Comics connection as one of her recruitment tools for the sex cult she ran, according to Page Six.

“I wanted to be like Wonder Woman, I wanted to play that role,” a women known only as Nicole testified Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court.

Instead, the now-31-year-old became Mack’s personal slave within that subsect known as DOS — a secret master-slave sorority that starved women, branded them, and allegedly groomed them for sex with Nxivm leader Keith Raniere.

Yeah, I imagine it takes a lot of grooming to make sex with Keith Raniere seem like a thing you want to do.

“Trust me, you will be OK,” Mack told her of joining the group. Instead, prosecutors said Nicole would later be strapped to a table, while a fellow DOS slave named Camila forcibly performed oral sex on her.

The petite brunette testified that she never would have joined the group if she knew it was led by Raniere, but that Mack told her it was a women’s-only group.

This tracks with how she tried to recruit Emma Watson. “Amazing women’s movement” indeed. It is just a little hilarious that Mack used basic bitch white feminism platitudes to sell her sex cult, though.

Nicole sobbed on the stand, head in her hands, as she explained how Mack coached her through turning over collateral in order to join the alleged empowerment group, and instructed her to write false letters about her family.

“She said I could lie,” the witness said tearfully. “She said she had written that her father sexually abused her.”

Nicole wept as she said she wrote the same thing about her own father. She said she also provided a sex tape, and other letters containing false information about other family members and an unnamed ex who had become a prominent actor.

How has Allison Mack’s “collateral” not leaked now, by the way?

A week later she told Nicole to reach out to Raniere over Facebook.

“How do you get the attention of the smartest man in the world??” Mack wrote.

I am just always amazed by how thoroughly Mack fell for Raniere. He’s so obviously full of s**t every time he opens his mouth, and he’s not what you would call conventionally handsome.

Of course, Mack started the trend of being married to Green Arrow while not being Black Canary, so she was always a little evil.

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4 years ago

I knew I always was right in preferring Lana over annoying Chloe. Kristin stepped away from the creep as soon as she heard he liked underage girls!

4 years ago

Eric, you’re writing is the reason I keep coming back to this site – great piece :)