The Spice of Life Sculpture by Jamie McCartney

Great Wall of Genitals

British sculptor, Jamie McCartney, put out a wall of plaster vagina casts back in 2011, entitled “Great Wall of Vagina” (get it?).

Jon Travolta Has 7 Accusers

Here’s your rundown of what’s going on with that Jon Travolta sexual harassment case.


A Second Masseur Comes Forward

As they say, all it takes is for one masseur to come forward with a $2 million lawsuit alleging John Travolta fondled their scrotum and shaft and more will follow.


John Travolta Sued for Sexual Harrassment

A $2 million lawsuit has been brought against John Travolta by a masseur who alleges he tried to reenact Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Client List with him. The man claims John found him through an online ad and scheduled a $200/hr appointment.