The Spice of Life Sculpture by Jamie McCartney

Great Wall of Genitals

British sculptor, Jamie McCartney, put out a wall of plaster vagina casts back in 2011, entitled “Great Wall of Vagina” (get it?).


Don’t Worry James Gandolfini, John Travolta’s Got This

Days after James Gandolfini’s untimely death, John Travolta has come out and vowed to look after Gandolfini’s family which includes his wife Deborah Lin, 8-year-old daughter Liliana and 13-year-old son Michael from a previous marriage.


John Travolta’s Secret Gay Lover Is Speaking Out

John Travolta has time and time again denied being gay which means there must be a conspiracy against him because every other month someone claiming to be one of his gay lovers steps forward and talks about their relationship.

Jon Travolta Has 7 Accusers

Here’s your rundown of what’s going on with that Jon Travolta sexual harassment case.


A Second Masseur Comes Forward

As they say, all it takes is for one masseur to come forward with a $2 million lawsuit alleging John Travolta fondled their scrotum and shaft and more will follow.