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Kanye West Has a Boo Boo
kanye westMay 13, 2013

Last week, Kanye West ran head first into a wrong way sign and then got all angry at the paparazzi for taking pictures of him. He looked like ...

Kanye West Is a Klutz
kanye westMay 10, 2013

His ego having been inflated to monstrous proportions, Kanye West no longer has the spatial awareness necessary to maneuver his head around safely. Case in point. Kanye and Kim stopped for some ...

Vogue Cut Kim From the Photo
kanye westMay 10, 2013

The MET Gala was Monday night and I’m still talking about it this Friday. Who knew a bunch of celebrities dressing all fancy with spiked hair and top ...

Kanye West Only Has One Tweet Now: ‘June Eighteen’
kanye westMay 2, 2013

Kanye West deleted all his tweets and in their place, has put up only one. It reads “June Eighteen.” Wow. He writes like he talks. All signs point ...

Kanye Looks Like a Walking Zombie With Kim
kanye westApril 23, 2013

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were actually photographed together shopping in New York. He came back on one of his expensive private jet visits to see her apparently. ...

Kanye and Kim Naming Their Baby North West Because Kanye
kanye westMarch 21, 2013

According to a report by The Sun, Kanye West compiled a list of potential baby names for him and Kim Kardashian’s future unborn golden goose due in July. ...

Kim Kardashian Posed Nude Again, Vivid Almost Lost the First Ones
kanye westFebruary 26, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates today. I was on a super secret mission for the CIA. All I can say is there are now six less diplomats ...

Kim Kardashian Tells Cosmo She Has It All
kanye westFebruary 26, 2013

Kim Kardashian brags to the new edition of Cosmo that she has it all in her relationship with Kanye West. “The truth, the excitement and the passion.” Well ...

Kim Kardashian Is Having a Girl
kanye westFebruary 25, 2013

Based upon the fixed constant by which her hips are increasing relative to the distance of her gait, scientists have concluded that Kim Kardashian is having a girl. ...