Lindsay Lohan Is Still Doing Fantastic

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan accepted a plea deal of 90 days of no-frills rehab, 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy.


Rosie O’Donnell Calls Lindsay Lohan a Disgrace

Following news that Lindsay Lohan has finally been confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s original movie, Rosie O’Donnell, who was on the Today show with Matt Lauer and Donny Deutsch, raged with enough spittle flying out of her mouth to fill a kiddie pool.


Lindsay Hid in the Closet From Her Father

Literally. Lindsay Lohan’s crazy dad Michael Lohan was skulking around Lindsay’s apartment Sunday afternoon staring into her back windows, trying to see if she was inside, and started banging on the windows like a crazy homeless guy.


Michael Lohan Is a Good Father

Now that Michael Lohan finally got on a reality show after trying all these years, he’s not going to squander this opportunity by not using his famous daughter.