Clearer Footage of the Denver Carjacking
c rimesMarch 13, 2014

You may have seen the news report about the GTA-esque chase that took place in Denver yesterday morning. Drug suspect Ryan Stone lead cops on a high speed ...

parodiesMarch 12, 2014

By now, you’ve probably heard “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers a hundred times over. It’s a look into girls obsessed with selfies. The only problem is, guys can’t relate. ...

What Happens When 20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time?
kissesMarch 11, 2014

First Kiss directed by Tatia Pilieva shows what happens when 20 strangers come together and kiss. Things start off awkward but then get intimate really fast. Except for ...

Website Model Pumps Up the Jame
viral videoMarch 11, 2014

When you’re staring at one of those models on a clothing site, it’s always a good idea to make them dance for you.

The Amazing Yoga Pants Prank
pranksMarch 3, 2014

I usually don’t go for these pranks but Yousef’s leggings prank, where he wears leggings and tries to catch guys staring at his ass, is kind of funny. ...

Girl has nervous breakdown over tumbleweeds
This Girl Has An Irrational Fear Of Tumbleweeds
tumbleweedsFebruary 26, 2014

Turns out this woman is terrified of tumbleweeds. Mostly because she thinks they’re attacking her. Which they are. Oooga booga boo!

Bird Smashes Plane Windscreen | Crashes Through Pilot's Windshield | Florida | FULL VIDEO HD
Bird Smashes Plane Windshield In Florida
animalsFebruary 26, 2014

While flying into Page Field at 170 mph, a blurry ball of bird tore through the windshield and hit Rob Weber right in the face. Robert Weber was ...

Girls first Ski Jump
Listen To This Little Girl’s Inner Monologue During Her First Ski Jump
sportsFebruary 26, 2014

The worst part about doing a big jump is trying to not psyche yourself out. This video shows the inner monologue of a girl before her very first ...

Squirrel Steals Airplane - the Whole Story
Watch A Squirrel Steal A Model Plane
animalsFebruary 25, 2014

A squirrel decided to take a model airplane for a joyride. And before you say anything, yes, it’s obviously fake. Geez, do you have to take the magic ...