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Paris Hilton flashes the VIP Room
paris hiltonJuly 26, 2010

God knows why France let this walking venereal disease into their country but it’s their own fault that Paris showed up at the VIP Room in St. Tropez ...

Paris Hilton pours champagne over herself
paris hiltonJuly 23, 2010

When most girls strut around on a stage while guys pour champagne over their half-naked body, they’re usually on spring break. Not Paris Hilton though. She does this ...

Paris Hilton busted for weed again
crimesJuly 19, 2010

Although Paris Hilton denies it, punny sites like the New York Daily News are reporting that “chronic offender,” the “dopey Paris Hilton,” was busted for possession of marijuana ...

Paris Hilton arrested in South Africa
crimesJuly 2, 2010

Paris Hilton was arrested in South Africa on suspicion of possession of marijuana today. She showed up at the courtroom late Friday. Happy 4th, bitches. Hilton was detained ...

Paris Hilton hits up Encore
bikiniJune 1, 2010

Oh joy. Exactly what I wanted to see this morning. A flat chested socialite posing by a pool and not getting pushed in. I can’t begin to explain ...

Paris and Nicky Hilton were at the USO event
nicky hiltonMay 27, 2010

Paris and Nicky Hilton showed up for the USO Swinging Salute to our Troops event in NYC on Wednesday. Although, if you knew this event was happening, their ...

Paris Hilton is see-through
nsfwApril 30, 2010

Britney’s dad has passed a no nipple ordinance for Britney requiring her to wear a bra when she goes out. Paris Hilton’s dad should do the same. I ...

Paris Hilton in a bikini in Vegas
bikiniApril 26, 2010

Paris Hilton hit up The Ultimate Daytime Pool Party in Las Vegas on Sunday and I’m so far from caring what Paris looks like in a bikini anymore. ...

Paris Hilton milked Doug Reinhardt for $2 million
doug reinhardtApril 23, 2010

During their 18 month relationship, Doug Reinhardt spent $2 million on Paris Hilton. This included trips on private planes to Fiji, Hawaii, Aspen and Anguilla among other places. ...