In space, Paris Hilton won’t be the only vacuous hole

Along with Moby, William Shatner and Sigourney Weaver, Paris Hilton too has paid a $200,000 deposit to secure her seat on the world’s first commercial space flight, Virgin Galactic, in 2010.

Paris Hilton bought a brothel

LA socialite and notorious imbecile Paris Hilton loves London so much that she’s bought a place there.

Paris Hilton still making music

Paris Hilton hasn’t yet learned from her Stars are Blind days that no one wants to hear her sing.

Paris Hilton is a big, lazy jerk

Paris Hilton has been been sued by the distributor of National Lampoon’s Pledge This! for failing to adequately promote the film.

Paris Hilton has a response

Last week, John McCain ran an ad which called Barack Obama a bigger celebrity than Paris and Britney and questioned his readiness to lead.

Paris Hilton starting baby rumors again

Page Six reports on Paris Hilton’s ever increasing jealousy of the attention her best friend Nicole Richie has been getting over her baby.

Paris Hilton has an idea

Paris Hilton, inspired by Dina Lohan’s and Denise Richard’s reality series, has pitched her own show which involves gossip targets like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Tori Spelling — as well as Richards, Hilton and her former ”The Simple Life” co-star, Nicole Richie — in a two hour special telling people what it’s like to be them.

Paris Hilton is “extremely generous”

Hospital officials said Paris Hilton made an “extremely generous” donation towards the construction of a medical building at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, but didn’t specify the amount.

Paris was denied

Paris Hilton was heading to a photo shoot when she decided she’d buy a puppy because it would make the pictures cuter.

Paris Hilton is demanding

Paris Hilton has begun filming her new reality show, Paris BFF, where people apply to be her new best friend.

Paris wants a white wedding

Paris Hilton, realizing her best friend Nicole Richie has beat her to the punch many times this past year, told PEOPLE that she wants a piece of that publicity pie to marry Benji Madden.

Benji Madden is a killer

Benji Madden ran over a paparazzo’s foot last night as he and Paris Hilton were leaving the Foxtail nightclub.

Attention whore alert

Paris Hilton has proposed a double wedding between her and Benji Madden and Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.